Albini Catholic Mission

History of the Albini Catholic Mission in Ntshongweni as related by the late Sister Gertrude Nzama. Contents Albini Church and School Albini Mission Station Road and Transport Albini Pilgrimage Congregation of Mary Immaculate Mediatrix of Grace New School of Albini Health Clinic at Albini Death of Father Wagner New Buildings and Albini High School Improve Convent … Read more

Mariannhill Monastery, Pinetown

Contents 1 Mariannhill Monastery, Pinetown – a brief history 2 Abbot Francis Pfanner 3 Mariannhill under Abbot Francis 1882-1892 4 Mariannhill under Abbot Amandus 1893-1900 5 Mariannhill under Abbot Gerard Wolpert 6 Mariannhill Church 7 St. Francis College 8 Pius Seminary 9 St Mary’s Hospital 10 Sources Mariannhill Monastery, Pinetown – a brief history Mariannhill … Read more

St Wendolin’s: 1945-1996

Contents 1 History of St. Wendolin’s: 1945-1996. 1.1 Post War Mariannhill 1.2 Marianhill Health Board 1.3 Bantu Education Act 1954 1.4 Group Areas Act 1957-1967 1.5 Housing 1.6 Labour Strikes 1971-1974 1.7 Pinetown Community Council 1.8 Creches 1.9 Forced Removals 1.10 Unrest at St. Wendolin’s 1980s 1.11 Suspension of Services 1.12 Upgrading of Facilities 1991- … Read more

Nazareth Temples

Nazareth Baptist Church (Shembe) have temples where people gather to worship and pray. Their worship day is on Saturday they call it Sabbath. It is also a place where anyone with a problem  can come to deliver it to God in order to be solved. Nazareth temples are built on the mountains, because the King Mvimbeni … Read more

St Wendolin’s: 1914-1945

Contents 1 History of St Wendolin’s: 1914-1945 1.1 First World War 1914-1918 1.2 Spanish Influenza Epidemic 1918-1919 1.3 Cultural Conflict 1.4 Peoples Bank and Agricultural Show 1.5 Land Act 1913 and Freehold Titles 1.6 Storm of October, 1939 1.7 Education 1928-1961 1.8 Priests at St. Wendolin’s Church 1.9 Second World War 1939-1945 1.10 References History of St Wendolin’s: … Read more