Ukubongelwa ngokuGreda

Ukuthola iziqu zemfundo ephakeme kuyinto evame ukuthakaselwa nokujatshulelwa kakhulu ilabo abesuke benikezwa iziqu ngokusemthethweni nemindeni yabo. Ukujabula kakhulu kunomsuka ekuqondeni izivunguvungu eziningi abafundi ababhekana nazo endleleni yabo yokulanda iziqu zemfundo. Imindeni eminingi-ke iyaye ihlele imicimbi egubha umsebenzi walowo osuke esethole iziqu zemfundo ephakeme. Lapha kulendatshana sishicilele i-video ekhombisa imbongi uNksz. Nonhle Mkhize ebongela uNksz. Nokwanda … Read more

The People’s Hospital

Recently published, The People’s Hospital: A History of McCords, Durban, 1890s-1970s, looks at the story of one of Durban’s most important medical institutions. With its origins linked to medical missionaries, Dr James McCord and his wife Margaret, McCords has always had a reputation of being a compassionate institution, willing to fight the good fight on behalf of … Read more

Why Durban?

Darryl Davids, the Head of English at UKZN, and one of the team members responsible for Durban’s successful bid to be named a UNESCO World City of Literature says that he has been asked “Why Durban”? His response, appropriately, is “Why not Durban?”. But we thought that we’d take the opportunity to answer the question … Read more

Durban Makes the NYT Top Ten!

It’s been all over social media for the past few weeks, so most people have likely already read about it, but we’re so proud of our little city that we thought we’d add our voice to the masses, and say “Well done Durbs!”. South Africa is a wonderful tourist destination, with our myriad of cultures … Read more

Durban: The Coolest City in South Africa

Social media sites have been abuzz with a CNN article that cites Durban as the coolest city in South Africa – something that we definitely thought was worth sharing (although the folks at Ulwazi already know it’s true!). According to the article that was published last week, many overseas visitors overlook Durban when planning their … Read more

Durban Then and Now

This past Saturday saw the famous horse racing event, The Durban July, take place at Greyville Race Course. People flock from all over the country for this great event, but they don’t take it quite as seriously as back in the day when the event was celebrated as a public holiday! Click here to watch … Read more