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U-Alicia noMerischa Naicker

UMerischa Naicker no-Alicia Naicker, baneminyaka eyishumi amabili nanye. Bangabantu abasha abazalelwa endaweni yaseThekwini. Yize beziqgaja ngokuba izakhamuzi zaseNingizimu Afrika, kabanamahloni ngemvelaphi yabo yaseNdiya. UMerischa no-Alicia babalwa ezigidini zamaNdiya ahlala eNingizimu Afrika. Alikho izwe ngaphandle kwaseNdiya elinabantu abaningi abadabuka eNdiya njengeNingizimu Afrika. Nansi ividiyo ka-Alicia noMerischa bezigqaja ngemvelaphi yabo yaseNdiya futhi bejabulisa izihlwele emcimbini we-Umkomaas Secondary Has […]

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Banana leaves in Indian culinary tradition – Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

Contents 1 Introduction 2 Eco-friendly kitchen tool 3 Banana leaf plates 4 Dishing up on a banana leaf 5 Medicinal properties of banana leaves Introduction When indentured labourers came to South Africa 150 years ago from India, they brought much of their culture and customs with them, and with it the use of banana leaves […]

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Two Famous Temples in Mount Edgecombe, Durban

When the Indian indentured labourers settled in Durban, they were faced with a challenge of maintaining their rich culture and tradition in a foreign land. Their first priority was in setting up an area of worship wherever they settled. The majority of the labourers were Hindus and there was always a need to set up […]

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The Shree Gopal Hindu Temple at Temple Valley in Verulam, Durban

The Shree Gopal Hindu Temple in Verulam North of Durban is a landmark in history that dates back to the days of Indian indentured labourers. It stands as mark in history that shows the determination and courage of the oppressed indentured labourers who were staunch in culture and religion. Although they were in a foreign […]

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The Mariamman Festival in Durban, KwaZulu Natal

When the Indian population settled in Durban more than a hundred years ago, they not only adapted but brought with them their own traditional and cultural practices which are still largely practiced today. The annual Mariamman Festival is one such example. To appreciate cultural diversity in Durban is to understand it, and in Durban we […]

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The House that GV Naidu Built

Durban has stood the test of time in terms of its beautiful landscape and rich heritage sites, its diverse people, each making their own history. The buildings tell a political, social and economic tale which has created valuable memories and lessons in history. When the Indian settlers arrived in Durban, not all of them had […]

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