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The Phoenix Settlement

Contents 1 Communal Settlement 2 Phoenix Settlement Trust 3 Indian Opinion 4 Private School 5 Gandhi’s legacy continued 6 The settlement restored 7 Gandhi honoured   8 Sources Communal Settlement The Phoenix Settlement, established by Mahatma Gandhi in 1904,  is situated on the north-western edge of Inanda, some 20 kilometres north of Durban. Sita Gandhi writes:  “My grandfather’s […]

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The Mariamman Festival in Durban, KwaZulu Natal

When the Indian population settled in Durban more than a hundred years ago, they not only adapted but brought with them their own traditional and cultural practices which are still largely practiced today. The annual Mariamman Festival is one such example. To appreciate cultural diversity in Durban is to understand it, and in Durban we […]

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The History of Inanda

In the 1830s, Natal was for a brief time a Boer Republic called Natalia. Several Boers acquired farms for themselves including Inanda. These were largely abandoned when the British took control of Natal in 1843 and they fell into the hands of land speculators. Around the turn of the century, several wealthier Christians from Inanda […]

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