The Bangladesh Market in Chatsworth, Durban

Chatsworth is a predominantly Indian suburb situated to the south of Durban. The Bangladesh Market in Chatsworth is a market established in the early 1980s from the plight of a disadvantaged community that faced social, political and economic challenges, hence to understand the history of the market is to understand the political history in context. … Read more

Indian South Africans

Indian South African is a term which refers to people from India living in South Africa. Most Indians in South Africa migrated from colonial India during late 19th-century through early 20th-century. Therefore, the term “Indian” is also used to refer to people who originally hailed from the countries of South Asia. At other times the … Read more

History of Saint Anthony Indian School in Durban

When the Indian indentured labourers were discharged from their contracts, they faced a challenge of acceptance in their communities and many chose to remain in Durban. They were not regarded as white or part of the black community. They were faced with the challenge of creating their own culture and community amongst poverty and restricted … Read more