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Vat en Sit

Following on from our earlier discussion on customary marriages, cohabitation or ‘vat en sit’ is another construct worth examining. With tough economic times, many young people are putting off lobola negotiations, and choosing instead to cohabitate, sometimes under the mistaken belief that if they live together for a certain number of years, their relationship will […]

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Wife of HHP, Lerato Sengadi, in court

Requirements for a Customary Marriage

Earlier this month traditional marriages came under the spotlight when the widow of hip-hop star, HHP, had to argue in court that the legal requirements for her customary marriage to be acknowledged had been met. The father of Jabulani ‘HHP’ Tsambo, was arguing that because lobola hadn’t been paid in full, and that the ceremony which […]

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A tourist poses next to the giant khamba pot that marks the view site

Valley of the Kings

If you’re looking for somewhere local to visit these holidays the eMakhosini Ophathe Heritage Park might just be a great starting point for your road trip! Located in the Valley of the Kings just outside of Ulundi, the area boasts great natural beauty, as well as some impressive wildlife – a variety of game have been reintroduced […]

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Ladysmith Black Mambazo performing in Africa's Time by Jeremy Olivier

Africa’s Time

If you’re away from home at the moment and find yourself in need of a reminder of Africa’s great beauty then spend a few moments watching Jérémy Olivier’s new single, Africa’s Time, featuring the legendary choral group, Ladysmith Black Mambazo (LBM). Not only will you get to hear the soothing isicathamiya tunes of five time Grammy winners, […]

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Ulwazi Fieldworkers: October

While the topics covered by our fieldworkers this month were wide and varied, the majority of the stories had a dominant theme, that of performance art. Whether it’s a poem bemoaning the prevalence of gender-based violence in South Africa, or a recording of young children singing songs while they play traditional games, Zulu speakers celebrate […]

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Poetry Africa 2018

We didn’t manage to squeeze it in at the time, but it would be remiss of us if we failed to bring you the highlights of this year’s Poetry Africa which took place earlier this month! For the first time the festival included isiZulu praise poetry as one of its categories, with the 22nd edition […]

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