Indentured Indian Labourers in Durban, South Africa – their daily bread

Food is the universal intake of energy, however every culture has their own and unique way of preparing and consuming food. When the indentured labourers came to Durban, they brought with them their own methods of cooking and the preparation of meals, which has become famous dishes of local restaurants to present day. Food is … Read more

Fatima Meer

Contents Background Movement and community Participation Publications Selected Work Bibliography Background Fatima Meer 1928 was born in Grey Street, Durban. Her father, Moosa Meer was the editor of Indian Views, a weekly newspaper aimed at Gujarati-speaking Muslim communities. Fatima was brought up in an atmosphere that was highly conscious of racial discrimination and that shaped … Read more

Kavady Festival

This Hindu festival occurs throughout KZN during the first quarter of the year. It is normally associated with Fire Walking, Chariot Processions and Body Piercing. There is a prescribed fasting period normally of about a week which culminates in the procession. Devotees carry Kavadies on their shoulders, this symbolises a form of penance.  

Chicken Breyani: An Indian Traditional Food

Breyani is the royal dish amongst all the exotic rice dishes of India and is now a traditional recipe which many South Africans use. There are various types of breyani including chicken, fish, mutton, vegetables and prawns breyani. Ingredients 1 kg chicken (washed/cut)1 cup black lentils2 cups rice2 tablespoons of breyani spices4 green chillis2 tablespoon … Read more


Chatsworth is a sprawling township situated in the south of Durban. It is primarily inhabited by people that were relocated during the apartheid regime. It is an Indian township whose culture is central to Durban’s identity and a direct result of Group Areas Act. Contents Group Areas Act Buffer Between White Residential Areas and African Township … Read more