A Step in the Right Direction

Last month eNanda Online wrote about the Take a Step Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to educate and motivate children from eNanda with the hope of breaking the cycle of poverty that exists in the township. The group meets every Friday between 16h00 and 18h00 and offers advice to children – everything from how to … Read more

Telling Their Stories

In the spirit of fellowship and good neighbourliness that the festive season evokes we thought that we would kick off the new year by sharing some of the fantastic work that eNanda Online have been doing. Similar to the Ulwazi Programme, eNanda Online looks to “preserve memories, traditional heritage and contemporary culture through modern technology”. One of … Read more

A Guide to eNanda

The Woza eNanda Walking Trail aims to encourage locals and tourists to visit the area with the hope of educating people on its fascinating history, while at the same time bringing much needed money and resources to the township through promoting eNanda as a tourist destination. To date the project has focused on cleaning up … Read more

Woza eNanda Walking Trail: An Update

We featured the Woza eNanda Walking Trail in November last year, when it was still in its infancy. The idea behind the trail is to attract tourists and local visitors to eNanda, with a particular focus on young people who would like to have a township experience. In addition to bringing money into eNanda through … Read more

Tokoloshe / Tikoloshe (evil spirit)

I know little about Tokoloshe or Tikoloshe dependence on the pronunciation, what I know is that tokoloshe is an evil spirit. I have never seen tokoloshe nor have friends who have seen it, but when we were at primary school we would hear a lot of stories of it and fairy-tales. I went to Indian … Read more