A Guide to eNanda

The Woza eNanda Walking Trail aims to encourage locals and tourists to visit the area with the hope of educating people on its fascinating history, while at the same time bringing much needed money and resources to the township through promoting eNanda as a tourist destination. To date the project has focused on cleaning up the route that is to be used for the trail, and helping to clear the area of invasive alien plants. The next step in the project sees local businesses being promoted as stops along the walk that people can visit to get a taste of local culture. Below are some of our favourites from the list supplied by eNanda Online:

Muziwokuthula Thusi: Traditional Healer

“I am psychic, a traditional healer (umhloli). I started in 2002 to be a healer from the power of ancestors. Most of the people always survive when they are healed by me. I have also learnt to put different muthis together and help people who are seeking help……Visitors are welcome. Bookings can be made so I can arrange time for them. Not more than 15 guests. Opening times are from 09:00-18:00, Monday to Saturdays. Visitors can see how I mix herbs to make healing potions; they also can also see how I communicate with ancestors ”. Muziwokuthula Thusi

  • Street address: 624 Dube Village, Inanda, 4309
  • Contact number: 073 751 7515

Ohlange Rocks Junction – Njomane’s tavern

“Ohlange Rocks Junction is a restaurant where you can purchase drinks; we also have a butchery (shisa nyama). The place is three stories, which includes a tavern, bar and a V.I.P lounge. If you are at the top one can have an excellent view of the surrounding areas which include Phoenix, Inanda and Durban surrounding places. The place is secured with cameras and fully protected.” Bheki Mhlongo

Visitors are welcome, but not more than 100 people. Prior bookings can be made. Dress code is not important – one can wear anything. Visitors can come from 12:00 till late.  

  • Street address: E2068 John Langalibalele Road, Ohlange Inanda, 4310
  • Contact numbers: 031 519 1014/083 522 8531

African Queen Hair & Nail, Eyelash

“I started the business in 2007. I had the love of being a hair stylist so that is why I decided to start the business. My clients are always happy, I don’t get any complaints and they come back which is repeat business. Sometimes it gets so busy that I can’t accommodate every one. I would like to get help and get a much bigger place where I can do my business. Guests can make bookings before they come. I can only accommodate 5 people and less depending on their hairstyles. I open at 10:00-21:00. Monday to Saturday. Visitors can experience the great service that I offer and be sure that their needs are met.” Lonidwe Mbuyisa

  • Street address: 490 Juba Blose Street, Bhambayi Inanda, 4310
  • Contact numbers: 082 718 1077/031 519 0857

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