Tokoloshe / Tikoloshe (evil spirit)

I know little about Tokoloshe or Tikoloshe dependence on the pronunciation, what I know is that tokoloshe is an evil spirit. I have never seen tokoloshe nor have friends who have seen it, but when we were at primary school we would hear a lot of stories of it and fairy-tales. I went to Indian schools, I don’t remember hearing cases of learners screaming that they have seen a tokoloshe. But I would hear that from the children who go to African primary school especially the primary school next to Ohlange Institute, Amandlakayise Primary School. The children in our neighbourhood will come back from school and tell us that someone saw a tokoloshe in school asking him or her for Amaas (sour milk) and there was a place that they used to tell us that’s where the tokoloshe live and that place is still there inside the Ohlange Institute it an underground hole.

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