Not for the Faint-Hearted!

Every culture has its demons, the tales children tell each other at sleepovers to ensure that no one sleeps at all! In Zulu culture the tokoloshe is something to be both ridiculed and feared, but the recently released South African horror film,The Tokoloshe, is nothing to laugh about! Chosen as the opening feature film at this … Read more

Tagati VS Tokoloshe

Growing up in KZN stories about the evil little tokoloshe abounded, and even those men and women who would laugh at the silliness of the idea, still had their beds high up on bricks so that the little guy couldn’t reach them while they slept! But I’d never really encountered much about tagati (umthakathi), or … Read more

Tokoloshe / Tikoloshe (evil spirit)

I know little about Tokoloshe or Tikoloshe dependence on the pronunciation, what I know is that tokoloshe is an evil spirit. I have never seen tokoloshe nor have friends who have seen it, but when we were at primary school we would hear a lot of stories of it and fairy-tales. I went to Indian … Read more