Telling Their Stories

In the spirit of fellowship and good neighbourliness that the festive season evokes we thought that we would kick off the new year by sharing some of the fantastic work that eNanda Online have been doing. Similar to the Ulwazi Programme, eNanda Online looks to “preserve memories, traditional heritage and contemporary culture through modern technology”. One of the very important ways that they do this is by conducting interviews with the residents of eNanda, some of whom have spent their whole lives in the area. While many of the interviews contain little factual information, their stories are integral to gaining a proper understanding of the history of the eNanda township. Click here to read their most recent interview with Irina Mthembu, who speaks of life in eNanda, how John Dube helped to govern the area, and how her connection to Shembe, and her ancestors, many of whom are buried in the area, mean that she will never leave the place that she calls home.

Note: An English summary of the interview is also available.

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