Woza eNanda Walking Trail: An Update

We featured the Woza eNanda Walking Trail in November last year, when it was still in its infancy. The idea behind the trail is to attract tourists and local visitors to eNanda, with a particular focus on young people who would like to have a township experience. In addition to bringing money into eNanda through tourist activities, the walking trail has the added benefit of bringing attention – and municipal resources – to the area. A massive clean-up operation has begun, which will hopefully make a real difference to the lives of the residents of eNanda. The clean-up looks at refuse removal, the clearing of alien plant species, and water and sewage problems. At the same time the project is also focusing on content development for the trail and plans on engaging schools and teachers in the design of a trail that will suit their educational needs.

Click here to read more about this great initiative, and to follow the progress of the Woza eNanda Walking Trail as it develops into something that all of us in eThekwini can be proud of, and hopefully one day experience ourselves!

Image courtesy of www.enanda.co.za

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