KwaMashu Hostel, Durban

The Kwa Mashu Hostel The Kwa Mashu hostel is located in the township of KwaMashu, some 15 kilometres northeast of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Situated in Kwa Mashu’s  A Section, it is home to an estimate of 40 000 people. Historically the hostel was built for men who worked in Durban who lived without any women. When the hostel was first … Read more

Farewell Square

The Farewell Square which is also known as Luthuli Square is located just west of the Durban City Hall. The Farewell Square is named after Lieutenant Francis Farewell who was instrumental in the decision to establish a permanent trading post in  Port Natal (Durban) and persuading a number of white settlers join him. The square is located just west of … Read more

Estuaries around Durban, kwaZulu-Natal

The eThekwini coastline is 98 kilometres in length, and incorporates 16 estuaries ranging from the uThongathi in the north to the iMahlongwa in the south. The estuaries within this area are made up of 13 temporarily open/closed estuaries, two permanently open estuaries (uMkhomazi and uMngeni) and one estuarine bay (Durban Bay). Among the most important … Read more

Juma Musjid Mosque

The world renowned Juma Musjid Mosque in Grey Street, Durban was built in circa 1880 by Aboobaker Amod Jhaveri, the first Indian trader in Durban.  In 1884 it was expanded to accommodate 200 prayer mats and presently can accommodate about 6000 worshippers. It is believed to be the largest mosque in the southern hemisphere. Image courtesy SA Venues


Chatsworth is a sprawling township situated in the south of Durban. It is primarily inhabited by people that were relocated during the apartheid regime. It is an Indian township whose culture is central to Durban’s identity and a direct result of Group Areas Act. Contents Group Areas Act Buffer Between White Residential Areas and African Township … Read more

Central Post Office

The Central Post Office was originally built as Durban’s first Town Hall and was officially opened on 25 October 1885. At the time it was the largest building in South Africa and was designed by Phillip M Dudgeon, who was later elected as a Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects on the strength … Read more