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Ulwazi Fieldworkers: October

While the topics covered by our fieldworkers this month were wide and varied, the majority of the stories had a dominant theme, that of performance art. Whether it’s a poem bemoaning the prevalence of gender-based violence in South Africa, or a recording of young children singing songs while they play traditional Zulu games, Zulu culture […]

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Nkosikhona Duma

Introducing Nkosikhona

The work that Nkosikhona Duma carries out as a fieldworker for the Ulwazi Programme is the perfect extension of his academic studies, which focus on communication and culture. Nkosikhona¬†holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences, with majors in Community Development and Media and Cultural Studies, and is currently enrolled as a BSc Honours student in the […]

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Introducing Siboniso

Siboniso Mbongisen Langa has been part of the Ulwazi team for the past two years, contributing articles every month in his role as a fieldworker. In addition to being a contributing author for the Ulwazi Programme, Siboniso is also a practicing poet and Development Practitioner, and works as an intern at the National Heritage Council. […]

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Ulwazi Fieldworkers: August

Buildings tell us a great deal about civilisation. Where a kitchen is situated in relation to the rest of a house; how close homes are built to each other; whether there are quarters for livestock close by – architecture offers us a multitude of clues about how people live or lived. Nearly half of the […]

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Members of South African Apolistic Holy Church of the World singing the song, Mawungangilahli

Ulwazi Fieldworkers: July

While music is a feature of all cultures it is particularly prominent in KwaZulu-Natal where an inherent sense of rhythm, song and dance features prominently in daily life. Whether it’s to woo a prospective love, to praise a higher being, or to celebrate the joining of two families, music always plays an important role, as […]

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Mjikijelwa 'Chalaha' Ngubane

Ulwazi Fieldworkers: June

The stories written by our Ulwazi fieldworkers this month had a definite theme to them – music! Singing and dancing have always been an integral part of life in KZN. This month our fieldworkers looked at everything from maskandi music to more traditional choir songs, with a bit of poetry thrown in for good measure! […]

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