Ulwazi Fieldworkers: February

Often our Ulwazi fieldworkers choose a theme for the month, with their stories focusing on one particular subject matter. This month Siboniso Langa chose to look at animals, and the different ways in which their skins are used in Zulu culture. He also discussed which animals are considered dangerous, and talked about animals that have superstitious … Read more

Ulwazi Fieldworkers: January

Can you believe that we’re already a whole month into 2018? We’re not going to say anything about Christmas being round the corner, but you know that in no time at all another year will have passed, so it’s so important that we make the most of our time! Why not make 2018 the year … Read more

Ulwazi Fieldworkers: September

They say that Eskimos have dozens of words for describing snow, because so much of their lives revolve around the weather, and so it is in the case of Zulus and cattle. Historically, cows were used for everything from currency to matrimonial gifts, and form an integral part of many Zulu ceremonies, so it’s not … Read more

Ulwazi Fieldworkers: August

While times are changing and there are many people who will now consult a medical doctor when they get sick, there is still a huge proportion of Zulu people who prefer to speak to a traditional healer when they fall ill. Traditional ‘medicine’ is also used to treat livestock, or to deal with non-physical issues, … Read more

Ulwazi Fieldworkers: June

A major issue that the Ulwazi Programme seeks to address is the lack of isiZulu content available online, so it’s wonderful that our fieldworkers are producing original isiZulu content! This month Nkosikhona Duma again contributed an original isiZulu poem, this time referencing the young girls and boys who lost their lives during the Soweto Youth Uprising of … Read more