The kraal

This is a place where the cattle sleep. A kraal is called isibaya in the South African isiZulu language. It is a structure made of logs in a Zulu homestead it used to keep the cows. The kraal is  built in the middle of the homestead. The woods or logs to build the kraal are collected and joined together to form a circle with a gate. The gate faces the main entrance of the homestead so that people from the can have easy access to the kraal. The cows sleep inside the kraal when it is not raining and when it is cold or raining the cattle sleep outside of the kraal, under trees to protect themselves from the rain or the cold.


1 Pride of the Zulus
2 Lobola
3 Highly respected
4 IsiZulu Summary 

Pride of the Zulus

The kraal is built to show that the father, who is the owner of the land, and head of the family is a real Zulu man. A man has to have many cows, goats, and chickens in order to be a respected in his community. Ownership of lots of cattle entitles him to speak and be listened too when there are gatherings or meetings. It is important to the Zulus for a man to have cattle for slaughtering when there is a traditional ceremony, funeral or a wedding.


During lobola (bride price) negotiations cows are used as a form of payments. Although now, money is also used. The skin of the cow is used to make traditional skirts (isidwaba) for women, and loin cloth (ibheshu) for men to wear.

Highly respected

The kraal is a highly respected place in the homestead because this is where it is believed that the ancestors live. Only certain family members are allowed to enter the kraal. It should be kept clean and pure. Shoes are to be taken off when entering the kraal to show respect. In Zulu culture  the elders and and those who have died are highly respected. It is believed the ancestors (amadlozi) look after the people that are still living and give them good luck.

IsiZulu Summary 

Isibaya siyigugu emzini womnumzane ngoba sikhombisa ukuthi indoda inezinkomo ezingakhi. Sakhiwe maphakathi nomuzi ngezinkuni kuthi isango laso libheke isango lomuzi. Isibaya yindawo lapho kugcinwa khona izinkomo. Kunenkolelo yokuthi ukuba nemfuyo eningi kunika umnumzane indawo emphakathini yokubeka umbono nokuhlonishwa ngenxa yemfuyo yakhe. Isibaya siyindawo ehlonishwa kakhulu ekhaya ngoba kunenkolelo yokuthi amadlozi ahlala khona. Akusibo bonke abantu abangena esibayeni. Kunemithetho yakhona.

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