Luthuli Museum

On Tuesday we wrote about the town of KwaDukuza, and its rich history, but the town is not only famous for its story of King Shaka, it is also home to the Luthuli Museum, in honour of Chief Albert Luthuli, the first African to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Despite being born in Zimbabwe, Luthuli spent much of … Read more

KwaDukuza, Jewel of Zulu nation

The town of KwaDukuza, about 70 kilometres north of Durban, is an area steeped in history. Originally given its name by King Shaka when the town was formed in 1825, it later became known as Stanger, in honour of William Stanger, the first surveyor-general of Natal.  In 2006 its official name was changed back to KwaDukuza in recognition of the history … Read more