History of Amatshezulu High School

Background of the School
The school was built on the Matiwane Methodist Church land at the time the school had no name. The land where the school is at was owned by Mr Mkhize. He donated the land. The land was supposed to be worth around R100 000 but the land owner gave it away for just R20 000. Before Amatshezulu High School was built, it was a church. Inspector E.N.T Mkhize named the school Amatshezulu which means the hail on the storm. And he also named a primary school Khalawemuke which was established in 1984.

History of school buildings and school grounds
The first buildings were two blocks and they were parallel to each other near the gate. Those building existed during the time of O.T Ntanzi. There was violence in the area which affected the school and the office was burnt down, windows and doors were demolished. The school was burned twice by the students before 1994 because of the clashes between students and the teachers. It became worse in 1998.

In 1994 Mr P Gumede was appointed as a teacher at the school. He spearheaded a task team that wanted to develop the school. They approached Hammarsdale local industries for donations. Fortunately, Exotex Factory donated 22 doors and plastic windows. In 1996 Mr P Gumede wrote a letter to the Department of Education in Ulundi to request for the renovation and repairs to the school and in 1998 they gave the school R180 000.00 and later on in 1998 Mr P Gumede received R3000 000 on behalf of the school which was used for repairs of grounds, roofs, erection of new building on the north west side of the school and at the south west near the administration block. A building was restructured together with 20 toilets.
More over Mr Gumede fundraised for the fencing of the school and he received R150. 000. The R300 000 he received was from P.R.F (Peace Foundation) which was in Denor House, Smith Street in Durban. Mr Gumede wrote a letter to Mr Bob Douglas claiming that the school was ravaged by violence so R.D.P assisted in building the school under Mr Gumede initiative since he was the founder member of Amatshezulu High School Development Committee.

Eminent Teachers and Past Principals
The first principal of the school was Mr Kunene in 1981. From 1920 to 1980 the school had no principal. Mr Makhaye and Mr Buthelezi the second principal. Then the third principal was Miss Mantanzi and Mr Mthembu. Clashes started during Mr Makhaye’s turn as the principal and he left immediately after that. Ms Malinga, Ms Nzimande, Mr Mthembu are some of the teachers that were at the school from the beginning. The current principal Mr Basi also did a tremendous job by introducing a school library and a tight security. And he was also involved in the development committed headed by Mr Gumede.

The school only had six subjects during it inception time. Afrikaans was last taught in 2007. The department introduced subjects like Life Orientation, Maths Literacy, Computer and Agriculture. Computer teacher is Mr S. Kheswa. Despite the history of violence the school strives to produce good marks.

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