Durban Living Legend – Morris Fynn

Morris Lorens Fynn was born in Mthwalume in 1930 and grew up in Wentworth, South of Durban. When separate education along racial lines was introduced, he was moved to a then newly built Coloured school in the area.

This is when his political awareness began. He joined a political party to voice out his concerns but he felt that the party was too bureaucratic, so he decided to protest against Durban segregated beaches by cutting down a “Coloured-only” sign on the beachfront with a saw which was later donated to KwaMuhle Museum.

Morris Fynn
Morris Fynn

Fynn founded the Fynn Descendants’ Association and the Trust. He was appointed by the Fynn clan in 1995 to launch claim under the Traditional Leadership and Governance Framework Act no 41 of 2003. Basing his analogy on the Restitution of Land Rights Act, he believed that this Act enables the commission to recommend the recognition of traditional leaders and clans that were denied their rights as a result of past racially discriminatory laws and practices.

He told descendants that young people must stand up and work for something bigger than just themselves.

He passed away in September 2015 and was laid to rest in Umzumbe.

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