Township Yogi

This is the trailer for ‘Township Yogi’, a documentary filmed in KwaMashu and Inanda, KwaZulu Natal, townships riddled with crime and unemployment, and where many of the population are suffering from HIV and Aids. Research has shown that the practice of yoga may help boost immune system activity, reduce stress, improve muscle tone, combat wasting and slow the progression of the disease.

The documentary focusses on the setup of a grassroots yoga studio in a place where the majority of people have never heard of ‘yoga’ – and looks at how yoga can be used as a practice of transformation for HIV sufferers and those living in a poor township area. It follows five township youths whose lives are transformed through the power of yoga, and explores what ripple effect this has in the poverty-stricken, HIV and crime-ridden communities in which they live.

Link to trailer: Township Yogi

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