Ulwazi Fieldworkers: June

A major issue that the Ulwazi Programme seeks to address is the lack of isiZulu content available online, so it’s wonderful that our fieldworkers are producing original isiZulu content! This month Nkosikhona Duma again contributed an original isiZulu poem, this time referencing the young girls and boys who lost their lives during the Soweto Youth Uprising of 1976. The poem is a call to the youth of today to recognise the power that they hold, and work together to achieve a better future for young South Africans. Duma also provided advice for young people in the guise of a letter from a parent to a child.

Click on the links below to read these and other stories written by our fieldworkers this month:


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  1. Thank you for enlightening info especially with myself as a Zulu woman who knows very little about my culture. I got to know about this site when I was actually trying to follow my roots as a Mazibuko girl I didn’t know anything about us so when I Googled a program came up and I was able to learn a lot about the Mazibuko clan, The Roots, Origins and everything so I wanna thank you for that. I am now looking for steps in Zulu traditional wedding from Ilobola, the different stages that follow afterwards because I don’t know anything about that. I learned about Lobola from this site but I need to know about Ukuvuma abakhwenyana but there doesnt seem to be any information on that I’m hoping you can help me thank you in advance.


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