IPhansi Museum

IPhansi Museum iseRoberts House, eFrere Hill eGlenwood, eThekwini. Lapha ithatha izinxenye ezintathu kwesinye sezikhumbuzo ezimbalwa zomlando wasekhaya, wedolobha. IRoberts House yakhiwa ngo-1896 ngabazali baka-Esther Roberts, ongomunye wesazi sokuqala sabantu besifazane eNingizimu Afrika. Yamenyezelwa njengesikhumbuzo sikazwelonke ngo-1980 futhi isisesimweni sayo sokuqala. Lesi sigcinamagugu sigcina elinye lamaqoqo amahle kakhulu obuciko bendabuko bamaZulu nobaseNingizimu Afrika. Lokhu kufaka phakathi … Read more

Port Natal Maritime Museum

Backed by a panoramic view of Durban Harbour, the Port Natal Maritime Museum offers an insight into the influence of maritime culture on local life whilst also reflecting on the rigours and romance of lives lived at sea. Amazing voyages, dramatic tales and old yet inspiring collections form the basis of an unforgettable experience with … Read more

Pinetown Museum

Pinetown Museum is a multi-cultural museum featuring a range of topics. Outlining several aspects of the surrounding region, the museum provides an overview of the development of the Pinetown region from prehistory to modern times. Local history features include well-known settlers and characters from the region dating from the mid 19th century, awards from the … Read more

Local History Museum

Local History Museum (also known as the Old Court House Museum) was built in 1866 in Aliwal Street, Durban as a courthouse and was fortified at the outbreak of the Anglo-Zulu war in 1879. The museum house a collection of contemporary, colonial and pre-colonial exhibitions in the city’s oldest public building.  These include costumes, photographs and … Read more

Durban System

From the earliest days of the white settlement in Durban, one of the recurring themes in the relationship between the white and the black inhabitants of the area was the desire of the whites to enjoy the benefits of black labour, without allowing so many black people into Durban that they would be overwhelmed. Therefore they introduced … Read more

Cato Manor Heritage Centre

Cato Manor Heritage Centre Cato Manor, known for its unique multi-cultural community, its informal settlements, and various religious sites is perhaps best known for its dramatic history of forced removals. Large black and white prints at the Cato Manor Heritage Centre vividly depict the stark realities of evictions, rebellion, riots and suppression. A focus on … Read more