Durban System

From the earliest days of the white settlement in Durban, one of the recurring themes in the relationship between the¬†white and the black inhabitants of the area was the desire of the whites to enjoy the benefits of black labour, without allowing so many black people¬†into Durban that they would be overwhelmed. Therefore they introduced … Read more

Cato Manor Heritage Centre

Cato Manor Heritage Centre Cato Manor, known for its unique multi-cultural community, its informal settlements, and various religious sites is perhaps best known for its dramatic history of forced removals. Large black and white prints at the Cato Manor Heritage Centre vividly depict the stark realities of evictions, rebellion, riots and suppression. A focus on … Read more

Phansi Museum

Phansi Museum is housed in Roberts House on Frere Hill in Glenwood, Durban. Here it occupies three floors of one of the few domestic national historic monuments in the city. Roberts House was built in 1896 by the parents of Esther Roberts, one of the first female anthropologists in South Africa. It was declared a … Read more

KwaMuhle Museum, Durban

Contents 1 KwaMuhle Museum, Durban 1.1 History 1.2 A Socio-cultural Museum 1.3 Displays and Exhibitions KwaMuhle Museum, Durban History KwaMuhle Museum is housed in the former premises of Durban’s notorious Native Affairs Department. The Municipal Native Affairs Department was established in 1916, with John Sydney Marwick as its first manager. Marwick was given the name … Read more