Cato Manor Writers – Kessie Govender

Kessie Govender’s (1942 – 2002) family was from Cato Manor. His grandfather Veeraswami Govender came to South Africa from Poolioor in South India as an indentured labourer. On gaining his freedom he bought land in Cato Manor and started a market garden. Govender’s father, Mariemuthoo, was a bricklayer, and when Govender left school at the … Read more

Cato Manor Writers – Kenneth Bhengu

Kenneth Bhengu 1916-1985 was born and bred at Ndwendwe Mission Station, near Durban in Natal. He did his secondary education at Taylor Street Secondary School (Durban) where- after he went to train as a teacher at Nuttal Training Institute in Pietermaritzburg. Kenneth Bhengu, known as ‘the sage of Ndwendwe’, lived in Cato Manor where he set … Read more

An interview with Ronnie Govender

Excerpts from a personal interview with Ronnie Govender, playwright and writer, born in Cato Manor as recorded by Madoda Ncayiyana from Cato Manor on 18 March 2002. Contents History Trade Unions Racial Tension Culture Social Conditions Demolition and Relocation Family Recollections A New Community Spirit History Govender remembers: “I have many wonderful memories of Cato Manor despite … Read more

Dictionary Of SA Place Names

SAFM had a fascinating discussion on the Dictionary of South African Place Names the other day, which seemed particularly relevant given our series ‘No longer at This Address’ which looks at our new road names in Durban, and the people behind the names. The Dictionary of SA Place Names, researched and written by Professor Peter Raper, Research Fellow in … Read more

Durban Living Legend – Ronnie Govender

Ronnie Govender was born in 1934, in Cato Manor, Durban. He is a well known playwright. To date Govender has written and directed more than 16 plays, including “Beyond Calvary”, “At the Edge”, “The Lahnee’s Pleasure” was one of South Africa’s longest-running plays and “Off-Side”. He founded the Shah Theatre Academy in the fifties to foster … Read more