Cato Manor Writers – Kenneth Bhengu

Kenneth Bhengu 1916-1985 was born and bred at Ndwendwe Mission Station, near Durban in Natal. He did his secondary education at Taylor Street Secondary School (Durban) where- after he went to train as a teacher at Nuttal Training Institute in Pietermaritzburg.

Kenneth Bhengu

Kenneth Bhengu, known as ‘the sage of Ndwendwe’, lived in Cato Manor where he set three of his novels, all concerned with shady characters living there. He also worked as gardener in Morningside, the setting for another of his novels. Bhengu is a prolific isiZulu language novelist and has published 18 novels and novellas, many of them with either history or legend as background.

He died in retirement. At the time of his death, a dozen of his novels and three drama books had been published and a few manuscripts were still in the hands of various publishers.

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