Mzinyathi Falls, Durban – KwaZulu Natal

Mzinyathi Falls is a beautiful place situated at Ebuhleni, Inanda. The waterfall of Mzinyathi is used by Baptist Nazareth Church (Shembe) for their baptism purposes. The waterfall is surrounded by a lot of indigenous trees which date back 100 years, the Fall  is also home to a small Rastafarian community living in a cave. Mzinyathi Falls has been inducted by the eThekwini Municipality as one of the tourists attraction sites as part of the rich history of Inanda.

Area of significance for the Shembe

Far north of Inanda is Ebuhleni, a religious sacred land for Shembe members. Shembe is the largest African church in Kwa-Zulu Natal with over 2 million members. The church was founded by Prophet Isaiah Shembe in the early years of the 20th century. The headquarters of the church was Ekuphakameni, Inanda (just up from the Phoenix Settlement) until the 1980s. In a route to Ebuhleni is the Mzinyathi Valley where the Qadi Chiefdom settled in the early 19th century after fleeing the wrath of King Dingane the then King of the Zulu. The Qadi chief has his Royal homestead in the valley. On Mzinyathi a tributary of the Umgeni River is a spectacular view of Mzinyathi Falls. Ebuhleni has been graced by the number of great leaders, past and present especially Indians and Blacks who contributed a lot in history of South Africa.

By: Sbo Dladla

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