We as an Africans we believe in ancestors but not all of us. To believe in ancestors is to believe in a person or people that have died a long time ago. Some people change their beliefs for the sake of Christianity, some believe in the ancestors. Long time ago all the blacks believed in the ancestors and now that there is this belief that was started by the white people that believe called Christianity. As a black person you must believe in your culture, believe in the ancestors, believe in the people that died long time ago. Blacks must bring back their spirits.

Game of our Culture

In our culture, we as black people or the Zulu people there is a game called ukungcweka (That is the game that played by the young boys. That game is played with the sticks whereby a person hits another). That game used to played by the boys of different kingdoms to prove who are the best boys amongst those particular kingdoms or did they know how to defend themselves and to prove their bravery and courage. These days this game called ukugcweka or induku is played in the biggest ceremonies like traditional wedding, umcelo (whereby the parents thank their daughter for taking care of herself). This game is played just for fun, not that people are fighting for their life.

We as a Zulu people we do lots of things that can make us happy or entertained us. We do lots of music like iscathamiya (whereby we use our voice to sing but not use any instruments). There is also Maskandi and in that part of music we use guitars, and in the past we sang music called imvumo where we use our voice to sing and our hands to clap and the feet so that the leader can get more effort and spirits.

We even do dance that is indlamu the Zulu dance. That particular dance we used to do it if there is a Zulu ceremony. That dance is a part of entertainment because is not just you will get money or anything. But these days some people put their money if there are any dancers who are performing on stage or in that particular performance.

Stories of our Legends

In our past there was a man called Shaka Zulu, he was a king of amaZulu the Blacks. He was born in 1797. He became a leader of the Zulu people in 1816. Shaka Zulu was a clever leader. All the men under the age of forty (40) had to join the army. He had three regiments. Each regiment had it own headgear and an ox-hide shield of certain places in different parts of the kingdom, ready to attack enemies coming from different directions. He himself commanded the regiment with the youngest soldiers.

Sandile Maphumulo

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