Zulu Traditional Dance

Zulu traditional dancer Nunu Mkhize, a leader of KwaMkhize Zulu Traditional Dance Group,  said the group was started at KwaZwelibomvu in Pinetown, Durban but is currently staying in Umbumbulu. He started dancing at a very young age and considers it a sport. He believes that by participating in the group it helps him not to focus on negative things.

Nunu also believes that traditional dancing is part of his culture. He shares some of the hardships of being a leader because he has to set an example to the whole group, teach them new steps (especially if there are competitions), and  how to have patience.

They have attire that they use when they are dancing. Because they are still a small group and lack finances, they decided not to use ibheshu because it is expensive. They decided on wearing short skirts, short pants (isinene), amambatha (worn on the shoulders), knee high socks and amagusha (worn on the legs).

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