Zikhona Damane – umXhosa

As we approach the end of the year, let us recognise the beauty of the cultural diversity which surrounds us. Farai Magaya puts the value of this aptly:

“Cultural diversity brings so much to us as a people. There is great beauty in embracing your culture, showing love to someone,  and learning more about a culture that’s not the same as yours. At times, conflicts arise because there is a lack of understanding with regard to the next person’s culture and values.”

This month, we produce a three-part series where we look at Durbanites with different cultural backgrounds and this week’s spotlight goes to Zikhona Damane, umXhosa.

Pictured: Zikhona Damane

Let’s learn more about her culture:

Favourite food: Umngqusho noLusu
Nationality: South African
Languages: isiXhosa, isiZulu and English


Did you know:

  • Many people found in the north-eastern parts of South Africa were pushed west into Xhosa country by the expansion of the Zulu-speaking people, as the northern Nguni put pressure on the southern Nguni as part of the historical process known as the mfecane, or “scattering”.
  • The Xhosa-speaking group has various clans with similar or related but divergent heritages. The major dialects include Bomvana, Mpondomise, Thembu, Xesibe, and Mpondo. Besides, Mfengu and Bhaca have adopted the language of Xhosa. The word ‘Xhosa’ is from a legendary leader known as uXhosa. Another theory claims that the word Xhosa is derived from San or Khoi-khoi language. The word Xhosa means ‘angry’ or ‘fierce’, the Xhosa being the fierce group.
  • The first Xhosa Bible translation was done in 1859.

Supplied by Farai Magaya

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