Your Home Language Misses you!

Traditionally an exclusively Afrikaans event the Pendoring Advertising Awards have come 360 degrees and now celebrate all of South Africa’s indigenous languages! With the strap line, “Your Home Language Misses You”, the awards aim to promote and stimulate the use of local languages in advertising. Rather than encouraging the translation of advertisements from English, Pendoring want to see advertisements directed specifically at people from the different language groups, the creative process of which produces a very different result to one where an advertisement’s simply been translated.

Established in 1995 to encourage the use of Afrikaans by advertisers, in 2016 the rules were amended so that all languages could compete on an equal footing. This year Pendoring have gone a step further by eliminating prizes that reward Afrikaans separately from the remaining languages. And with the overall prize for the Prestigious Umpetha Award being worth R100 000, we think Pendoring are doing a great job of pushing advertisers in the right direction!

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