The Traffic Light Teacher

Zulu is South Africa’s most commonly spoken language (23% of our population are first language Zulu speakers), so it makes sense that locals should want to learn how to speak it, but how many people actually take the initiative to improve their Zulu, a time-consuming task especially difficult for people who don’t live in KZN. And that’s where Moses Mackenzie comes in! Instead of begging for money (sadly Moses has been homeless for the past four years) he took it upon himself to start the most ingenious little business – selling words! That’s right, words! More precisely Zulu words and their English translations. In exchange for a small donation Moses teaches passing motorists common Zulu phrases. Everyday you’ll find him at his ‘office’ on the corner of Empire Road and Owl Street in Johannesburg, peddling his words – although perhaps not for much longer! Moses has been awarded a bursary to study at the Academy of Sound Engineering in Johannesburg, so his days as a teacher are numbered. If you do manage to catch a glimpse of him, pay attention, Moses is someone special who’s definitely going places!

Absolutely brilliant, and a shining example for all of us! Well done Moses!

Click here to watch a short video of Moses in action.

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