The Living Legends message from His Worship the Mayor of eThekwini

The fact that what began as an idea in the unassuming minds of a few people has grown in such leaps and bounds in a space of five years is an extraordinary stride for our beautiful City. It is this power of an idea which is so aptly personified by the people whose works, contributions and sacrifices the eThekwini Living Legends Awards recognise and celebrate.

The ideas that these outstanding human beings had were a result of imagination which; through faith, planning, decisiveness and persistence; gave birth to their legacies which we celebrate today. As citizens of eThekwini we have every reason to be proud that five years on since the inception of these Awards we are still churning out and show casing such crème de la crème; judging from the calibre of the 2012 Living Legends. They are an amazing cross-spectrum of excellence, dedication, sacrifice, courage and selflessness. Collectively, they are an embodiment of what it means to be holistically human. From human rights activists and freedom fighters such as Bishop Rubin Philip and Thula Bopela to cultural activists, scientists, and educators such as Paul Sibisi, Cecil Ward, Himansu Baijnath and Khulekani Myeza. In 2012 we salute and bow to the kindred spirit of both our living and departed legends. Among the departed we pay our respects to Professor PhilipTobias, Mr Philip Zwane and Dr T.P. Naidoo. May their souls rest in peace. On behalf of the citizens of eThekwini we congratulate firstly all the 2012 nominees and secondly the 2012 awardees and we thank all of them for the rich legacies they have bequeathed to us and to generations to come. It now behoves us as present citizens of this City not only to protect but to also build on their legacies so that the latter generations are even better than the former.

Councillor James Nxumalo

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