Electric Jive

About two years ago a friend of mine played the most fantastic recording of a 1950s South African jazz band, and it was unlike any African music I’d ever heard! He told me that he’d got it off the internet, but not having a clue how to download music I didn’t pay much attention to … Read more

Hats Off!

Ulwazi receives countless emails every month from people wanting to know the meaning of their dreams, but when Joseph Shabalala started having dreams about music, he knew exactly what the dreams meant and what he was supposed to do! Joseph formed the now famous Ladysmith Black Mambazo in the early 1950s, and by the mid … Read more

Calabash: The First Water Bottle

There was a story on the radio recently that related to the calabash fruit, and how it can be used as a musical instrument for calling the ancestors. Unfortunately there’s very little information online regarding this ancestral link, but nonetheless it’s still a very interesting fruit and one that has special significance in KZN. The … Read more