KwaMashu: Moving Forward

The township of KwaMashu is named after Sir Marshall Campbell (1848-1917), the farmer who owned the land on which KwaMashu now stands. But things in the area have changed significantly since the days when sugar cane was farmed on the land – KwaMashu was one of Durban’s first townships to emerge in the 1950s with the implementation of the … Read more

Township Yogi

It may sound cliched or overly dramatic, but sometimes at Ulwazi we read about projects that make our hearts swell to the point of bursting – projects that are so full of hope that they make you want to cry! That was my response to watching the trailer for Township Yogi, a documentary filmed in … Read more


Ekhaya Multi Art Centre (E-MAC) is definitely “the home of art, the home of creative people” because of the creativity that is found within this art centre.