Good Enough To Eat!

The other day we were walking along a beach road when a friend spotted a type of spinach growing on the dune. We stopped to eat it, but while it didn’t taste great, it did spark an interesting discussion on mfino, something I had not heard of or tasted before. But after a quick Google … Read more

Naming Invasive Alien Plants in Zulu

An interesting study is underway that looks at creating isiZulu names for invasive alien plants (IAPs). Because these plants don’t originate in South Africa very few of them have Zulu names, or are incorrectly named, which sometimes results in indigenous plants being removed along with alien invasive plants. For example, ubobo is the isiZulu name … Read more

Iboza, the Wonder Plant

The team at the Woza eNanda Walking Trail are busy doing a clean-up of the area, with a focus on clearing alien plants. To this end, their resident horticulturalist, Lindelani Zuke, has written a blog post on some of the indigenous plants found in Inanda, asking for feedback from the community regarding what the different … Read more

Nqobile’s Stories: December

Western culture really isn’t that complicated when it comes to greeting people – for the most part a simple mister or misses will do, but Zulu tradition requires you to address people differently based on their status or position in life. For example, the way an elder or chief is greeted is different to the … Read more

Nqobile’s Stories: November

As usual Nqobile chose some interesting topics to research in the month of November. The first of her stories deals with complexities involved in a polygamous Zulu relationship, in particular how livestock is distributed between children of different wives, and the social rules associated with how to deal with this issue (e.g. the process that’s … Read more