Nqobile’s Stories: November

As usual Nqobile chose some interesting topics to research in the month of November. The first of her stories deals with complexities involved in a polygamous Zulu relationship, in particular how livestock is distributed between children of different wives, and the social rules associated with how to deal with this issue (e.g. the process that’s followed when a son from one wife borrows cows belonging to another wife in order to pay his lobola).

Weddings are big news in any culture, and the Zulu culture is no different. Nqobile added further research to an existing story that appears on the Ulwazi wiki. Click here to read about the tradition and customs associated with a Zulu wedding.

And finally Nqobile looked at some of the home remedies that people use, in particular the use of the plant ntungwa to help with a variety of problems, including a difficult labour.

Photo courtesy of Krapfontein.co.za

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