eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality is the Metropolitan Municipality created in 2000 that includes the city of Durban, South Africa and surrounding towns. eThekwini is one of the 11 Districts of South Africa of KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. The majority of its 3,090,126 people speak Zulu. Contents 1 Meaning of the Name eThekwini 2 Geography 2.1 … Read more

History of Durban

There’s something inevitably foolish about reducing hundreds of years of history to a few pages. For one thing, the texture of history evaporates without the countless individuals whose lives have been played out on its sweeping canvas. For another, in a multicultural society such as Durban, many important contributing strands are bound to fall by … Read more

City Hall

Durban’s City Hall, home of the eThekwini Municipality, was designed by Stanley Hudson in the Modern Renaissance style and was completed in 1910.  It measures over 50m from the street level to the top of the dome and is made of stone up to the first cornice and, thereafter, cement and plaster. The stone was … Read more