Durban Living Legend – Kumi Naidoo

Kumara ‘Kumi’ Naidoo was born in Durban in 1965. Kumi Naidoo’s political activism began at the age of 15 years. In 1981, he was expelled from school for protesting against apartheid. Kumi was constantly harassed by the police. In 1986, the Apartheid Regime declared a state of emergency. Kumi was arrested and charged for violating … Read more

An interview with Ronnie Govender

Excerpts from a personal interview with Ronnie Govender, playwright and writer, born in Cato Manor as recorded by Madoda Ncayiyana from Cato Manor on 18 March 2002. Contents History Trade Unions Racial Tension Culture Social Conditions Demolition and Relocation Family Recollections A New Community Spirit History Govender remembers: “I have many wonderful memories of Cato Manor despite … Read more

Indian Newspapers in KwaZulu-Natal – 150 years of Indian Journalism

Contents 1 The First Publications 2 The Indian Opinion 3 Indian Views 4 The 1930’s 5 The 1940’s 6 Golden City Post 7 Sources The First Publications Much of the history of Indian South Africans can be found in the archives of printed media. All dimensions of the life of the Indian community, established around … Read more

Indentured Indian Labourers in Durban, South Africa – their daily bread

Food is the universal intake of energy, however every culture has their own and unique way of preparing and consuming food. When the indentured labourers came to Durban, they brought with them their own methods of cooking and the preparation of meals, which has become famous dishes of local restaurants to present day. Food is … Read more