Rescuing stories of indigenous peoples through audiovisual media

A project with similar aims to that of Ulwazi:

UNESCO’s Office in Quito has finished the implementation of its project “Rescuing the Stories of Indigenous Peoples through Audiovisual Media”. This project allowed the Association of Kichwa Audiovisual Producers (APAK) from Imbabura, Ecuador, to enhance its capacities and to make a documentary on indigenous cultural identity.
The training workshops and the documentary filming lasted three weeks and were guided by national and international experts. Sixteen APAK members attended the workshops, the content of which included pre-production research, screenplay writing, the use of camera, sound and light, as well as editing and post-production.

The documentary Ñukanchik (Us in English), produced in the framework of the project, addressed issues of indigenous expression, discrimination and cultural identity.

In addition, APAK received a fully equipped audio-visual studio, which will allow its members to film, edit and post-produce content using the latest technology. UNESCO expects that this will significantly contribute to the sustainability of the Kichwa community’s communication capacities.

APAK is the only indigenous Kichwa association in Ecuador that produces audiovisual media content. Through such content, reflecting local realities, APAK aims to create channels for free and pluralistic expression that would strengthen and revitalise the Kichwa cultural identity. The Association is currently working on the distribution of its productions on a national scale and has the goal to expand internationally.

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