Qadi Clan Migration by King Shaka: Zulu – Kingdom, South Africa

Qadi clan forms part of the Zulu Kingdom. After King Shaka’s assassination they became the second on the list, so they migrated to S’bubulungu in the North of Durban, KwaZulu Natal.

Origins and Migration
UMzinyathi, is a place where this group of people occupied after fleeing from their original place. This clan was very talented and had technical perspective when it comes to planning for wars, that had caused a great link between them and King Shaka. Assassinators of King Shaka were living in fear of the Qadi clan after they killed him. They decided to attack the clan. AmaQadi decided to flee to S’bubulungu. They split but one group revived the Qadi clan. UMzinyathi is located in ward 3 near iNanda Mission.

Umzinyathi area is under traditional authority and most people practices old Zulu customs. It is religiously dominated by the Nazareth Baptist Church followers (Shembe) and the United Congregation Church of Southern Africa (UCCSA) which is a missionary organization. Civil organisations are not active but there are structures which are present. Most people are less concerned about social issues. This area have historically mountains, rivers to valley’s up to huge dams and hot spot of culture.

Change of names
AmaQadi: Qadi clan
S’bubulungu: a place which is presently called Ballito
uMzinyathi: umuzi wezinyathi (House of the buffalos), there were many buffalos in the area.

By: Bongisipho Phewa

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  1. I want to know who is Qadi ? Who were his parents. I don’t get the answer. Ca somebody please tell me the father of Qadi. Where does this name or clan came from. Who fathered Qadi?

    • Hi, the most prominent chief of the Qadi was Mqhawe, who ruled his people from around the 1840s till 1906. However, I have not been able to find out who his own father was, although he did have a brother named Macekeni. According to researcher Heather Hughes, the Qadi had a chief Dube who was killed in 1837 by Dingane (this is how John Langalibalele Dube is a relation), and Dube’s son Dabeka was also killed later in 1838. Some time after this, it seems Mqhawe became the Qadi chief. Mqhawe is well-known for having helped John Langalibalele Dube start the famous Ohlange School eNanda.

      According to an academic paper by Heather Hughes and Mwelela Cele entitled ‘Regionalism and the Archival Record: The Case of the Qadi in the Colony of Natal’ (see page 81), the Qadi were in earlier generations essentially “a subordinate chiefdom within the large Ngcobo paramountcy, controlled by Nyuswa”, who later then submitted to King Shaka later on during his conquests when the Ngcobo resisted, putting them (the Qadi) in a dangerous position after Shaka was assassinated and Dingane came after them.

      There is more information also on the website for iNanda:

      Ulwazi Programme


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