Ntswaki Phele – Mosotho

As we approach the end of the year, let us consider the beauty of the cultural diversity which surrounds us. Farai Magaya puts the value of this aptly:

“Cultural diversity brings so much to us as a people. There is great beauty in embracing your culture, showing love to someone,  and learning more about a culture that’s not the same as yours. At times, conflicts arise because there is a lack of understanding with regard to the next person’s culture and values.”

This month, we produce a three-part series where we look at Durbanites with different cultural backgrounds and this week’s spotlight goes to Ntswaki Phele, a Mosotho.

Pictured: Ntswaki Phele

Let us learn more about her culture:

Tribe: Mosotho
Hometown: Qwaqwa in Free State, South Africa
Clan names: Mokolobeng (Warthog)
Languages: Sotho, Tswana, Pedi, English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa
Fav food: Mala Mokgodu (tripe), Nama (meat, red and white), Seafood especially Sushi 🍣
Red Attire: Seshweshwe

Did you know?

  • Sotho is really a remarkable language because it is one among the first written languages in Africa.
  • The home of most of the southern Sotho is in Lesotho and in South Africa’s Free State Province.
  • The supreme being that the Sotho believe in is most commonly referred to as Modimo.
  • Traditionally, relatives and friends soaked the father with water when his firstborn child was a girl. If the firstborn was a boy, the father was beaten with a stick.
  • Ntswaki means “the only sister among brothers.”

Supplied by Farai Magaya

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