Nondumiso Zindela – Family History, Menzi High School

My father’s family history
Mtwayiza (my grandfather) when he was a boy, he looked after his father’s cows. His father’s name was Shingwane. Because Mtwayiza was looking after the livestock he didn’t go to school. Shingwane had a big field which they use to plant maize, beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes and amadumbe. He also had many cows, goats, sheep and chickens.

When Mtwayiza became old, he fell in love with a Nguni girl (Zintombana). Zintombana was also called Mazibeke. Because Mtwayiza’s father Shingwane had many cows, he decided to take some of the cows and give them to his son Mtwayiza. Then he went and ask for Zintombana for her hand in marriage. They paid ilobolo and Mtwayiza’s and Mazibeke/Zintombane got married.

Shingwane had two wives. And he told Mtwayiza to go and build his own kitchen next to his homestead. Mtwayiza and Zintombana were blessed with six children Mlungisi, Zibuse, Zibuyile, Zandile, Manamana and Sbusiso. My dad is the first born. The problem was that they were very poor. They had vegetable garden and sold some of the produce. There was no electricity, running water, even transportation was not available. They had to fetch water from the river which is very far from their home.

Later Shingwane became a sangoma. He helped people who have problems and those who are sick. Mtwayiza and Zintombana thought that their children should get an education. They tried their best even if they were struggling and had no money. Their children went to school without shoes. All their children left school in Standard 9. Mlungisi (my dad) went and looked for a job. He found a job that did not pay much but he didn’t give up. Mtwayiza became sick and died in 1993 when he was 103 years old. Mlungisi got married to a Shinga girl. Her name is Tholakele.

My mother’s family history

Tholakele’s mother, Zimephi Chiliza, was married to Mbaba Shinga. They have three children Tholakele, Nhlanhla and Nzunzu. When Tholakele was 11 years their father left them to look for work in Johannesburg. He got married to another woman. He came back in 2011 and was sick with HIV and died shortly after that.

Mlungisi and Tholakele also built their kitchen next to Zintombana’s kitchen. When the time went on because Zintombana was old she went and stayed with Mlungisi and Tholakele. Mlungisi and Tholakele have five children Nondumiso, Mzovelayo, Nokubonga, Mbongeni and Sbahle. Zintombane died in 2007 after a heart attack.

It was very painful to lose my grandmother. Now my mom and dad are have a very big family and they are happy.

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