Nomthandazo Mngadi Family History, Menzi High School

Mngadi Clan Praises
Mnyabazeli wena owafuy’
Izingwe nezingonyama
Mngad’ omnyama
Wen’ owasezinkawini
Akodlokovuli thina kudlokovul’ isibongo.

The Mngadi clan originally comes from the Nguni tribe. Which was under the leadership of King Shaka. My great grandfather Madlokovu was a great warrior for King Shaka.

As Nomthandazo, my ancestor is Madlozi and he was married to MaMkhize. They gave birth to their only son by the name of Mnyazi, who got married to a chief’s daughter Princess MaMbhele. And they gave birth to Baleni who got married to MaMbambo. They were blessed with two sons by the names of Gobinhlenhle and Ngungunyane. Gobinhlenhle got married to Ngqeke (MaLukhozi) and Ngungunyane had two wives, MaMbele and MaShandu.  

My grandfather whom I adored very much because he plays a role of a father to me, as my mom didn’t get married to my father. I love you Sibeko. He was born in 1933 and died in 12 June 2011. Sibeko’s parents were Gobinhlenhle and Ngqeke (MaLukhozi). Sibeko gott married to Ganephi Mantshwayi Phethwa. Ganephi’s parents were Ntshwayi Phethwa and Madasidi, the third daughter of the Ludonga Ngubane. Ngubane was married to the first daughter of Mr Nzimande who was a chief’s brother at Exobho, Ofafa.

Sibeko and Ganephi are my grand parents. They were blessed with a loving daughter Nompumelelo. Nompumelelo is my mother.
My great grandparents had land in a rural area called Umkhomazi. How did they get the land? They were working in Kimberley which was a diamond mine. They were labours (hard workers) they earned peanuts. So they decided not to go home on regular basis and saved their money. When they retired and had to go back home they bought a land which is called Emangadini in Umkhomazi where the FET College called Ubuhlebogu is located now.

Their house was a rondavel and big white brick house for meetings as they have land. Women fetch water from Umkhomazi River and they fetch wood from the nearest forest. They kept large quantities of cattle, goats, sheep, chickens and horses which they used as their transport around their land. They wore different animal’s skins as their clothes. They used cattle to plough their fields. Mielies was one of the things they ploughed and sorghum. They use to grind mielies and sorghum to make umqombothi (traditional beer). They slaughtered cattle for meat and they milk cows for milk and sour milk. They used cow skins for shields. They spent their loving time by telling their grand children the fairytales, singing together even teaching us Zulu dance and how to hunt. Those are unforgettable days.

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    my name is Zenzele Ngubane and my mother is Mimi Mngadi from Adams Mission along Isipingo road. the land was once big and belonging to Mngadi family which was also well known as emangadini. i want to trace the family as far as it can get building a family tree. Do you have any information in your family that leads you to that area. i have a facebook as zenzele jackstarn ngubane and my email is


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