Nompilo Mbatha Family History

My name is Nompilo Mbatha. I was born at Isipingo Hospital and I grew up at Folweni T/ship. My family comes from Entinyane district of Umbumbulu, where my grandmother was born in 1941 September 08. Her mother was Emerancer and her father was Gerome Ngcamu. My grandmother was born at Makhanya Hellmeten at Umbumbulu, which is now a school. Emerancer’s mother was MaNgwazi she was born at home in a rondavel where she grew up. In her adult stage she met with Gerome who was to be the father of her daughter at Madundube.

Gerome’s mother was Hlonipheni Ngcamu. Emerancer and Gerome have 5 children. Their first born were twins, Sibongile and Geli one of them is my grandmother. They were followed by three boys Thokozani who was born at Umbumbulu Clinic in 1945 June 10, Bhekikhaya born at Umbumbulu Clinic in 1947 May 6 and Mhlanyukelwa also born at Umbumbulu in 1949 February 07, they all grew up at Mdedelwa.

My grandmother married in 1980 April 11, in court with my grandfather Dumsani Ndimande who was born at Transkei at home in 1948 April 10. His mother was Finion Gcabashe and his father’s name was Bakhiphile Ndimande. In 1982 my grandmother stayed 5 years with my grandfather at Etholeni in Umbumbulu. My grandfather worked at Keynosh. He was a driver and travelled to Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg to deliver fresh fruits.

Dumsani and Geli have 7 children. Their first born was a Zithulele followed by Bahluphile, Sonto, Mkhonzeleni and there are triplets. They were born in Umbumbulu in 1972 December 24. There is Lungile who was born at Umbumbulu in 1973 June 5 who is their last born. They grow up at Tholeni. Years ago there was a war at Tholeni Makhanya clan was fighting with people of Mahleka. That is when my family moved from Tholeni to Folweni. My grandfather opened a small spaza shop at his place and sold fruits and vegetables.

My mother is a twin her name is Sonto Ndimande and she was born at Umbumbulu Clinic in 1972 December 24 she grow up at Tholeni and she also schooled at Sibusisiwe Comprehensive Technical High School, where she met my father Mandla Mbatha. Mandla was born at Nquthu in 1971 his mother was Angithimi and his father was Khonzakhe Mbatha. Angithimi’s family was from Ulundi and her mother was Ziningi Shange. Khonzakhe’s family was from Nquthu and his mother was Zakhona Ndlondlo and his father was Ngebani Mbatha, they were from Eqhudeni. My parents observed all the traditions as they also exercised the tradition of announcing or informing their commitment to each other to the community. My mother have two children Sibusiso and Nompilo.

Clan Praises
Wen’ owavimb’ abafokaz’ ngezinkomo bona bevimba
Ngehlahla Ngcolos’ omuhle
Wen’ ondlalelw’ isikhumba senkomo
EmaMbathen’ ukuz’ ungen’ emnyango

Nompilo Mbatha

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