Mzansi Women’s Film Festival

A scene from 'Bambekile'
A scene from ‘Bambekile’

As part of Women’s Day this year, the Mzansi Women’s Film Festival launched at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg. The first of its kind in South Africa, the festival provides a platform for female film makers who often find themselves being blocked by discrimination in a male dominated industry. As part of the festival, a number of documentaries were showcased at the Women’s jail in Braamfontein, and it’s hoped that the festival will embark on a national tour over the coming months.

Films featured included Silent Cry, a documentary that looks at the plight of widows in black South African culture and the practice of Inzilo, and Bambekile, a short horror film in Zulu and siSwati (English subtitles), about a family’s home which is haunted after the death of their young daughter.

Please contact the festival organiser,  Ntokozo Mahlalela, on 072 635 0622 for more information.

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