Matar Paneer Recipe (Hindu’s Traditional Food)

Matar Paneer (Peas and Milk Cheese) Recipe

Matar paneer is a classic dish which was established from the New Delhi area in Northern India. The Matar Paneer is traditionally served with rice.

One large brick of paneer cheese
One large package of frozen peas
One onion
One teaspoon pressed garlic
One cup water
One teaspoon ginger
One table spoon cumin
One table spoon coriander
Half teaspoon clove
Quarter teaspoon methi (chick pear flour)
One teaspoon salt
Two teaspoon flour
Enough water to make a paste
One cup ground tomatoes or tomato pure juice
One lemon

Cut one large brick of paneer cheese into cubes (tofu should be baked at 300 degrees in oven while you prepare the sauce).

Thinly slice onion and sauté with pressed garlic in medium pan until brown.

Add spice to onion and garlic at last minute of sauté.

Stir until distributed.

Add water: mix flour and water paste.

Add package of frozen peas to spice sauce and cook until hot.

Add tomatoes and lemon juice. Stir well.

Add cheese or pre-heated tofu and simmer until it absorbs seasoning. Add water if necessary.

Serve with rice and serve 4 persons.

IsiZulu Summary
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Source: India Primary Source Culture, Allison Stark Proper, The Rosen PublishingGroup, 2003
By: Zanele Shange

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