Lindani Shange Family History, Menzi High School

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My father’s dad was born in Richmond and so was his mother. His father’s name is Ambrose Shange and he married Emily. My father was born in the year 1953 during the month of April on the 9th in Endaleni hospital in Richmond. There he lived with both his parents his mother and his father. He never saw his father regularly because he had to work most of the time. My fathers parents had three children: my uncle Mr. Solomon Shange was the 1st born. Then my aunt Elizabeth Shange who is the 2nd born in the family then Thulasizwe Shange (my father) who is the last born of the family.

My father’s older brother has three children Busisiwe Shange (who is now married to Sihle Ngcobo) and Amanda and Sthobile. My father used to go to Zenzele Primary school in the year of 1957 and there he was well known for his best marks and performance. My grandfather passed away when my dad was 11 years old so they had to struggle for money and work for it but still he didn’t he did not quit school he continued on going to school. As he was growing up he went to 1966 Vuku’zenzele High School and from there to Endaleni Secondary High. He then moved from there to Pinetown to live where his mother worked as a maid. He kept moving around he went to coastal collage in the year 1966 where he studied teaching and administration. And he boarded there for four years.

He started working during the year of 1976 as a teacher at Vukuzakhe High School, then he taught at Mandla Omyeni Secondary High and from that school he became a principal there after four years of service there at Amandla Omyeni High. He moved to eMlazi where he then met my mother.

My grandfather’s name is Raymond Shezi and my grandmothers name is Dorica Langeni. She married my grandfather and then they had my mother. My mother was the the first born in her family, she was born during the year 1955. My mother’s parents have four children: my mother was the 1st born then my uncle Nthando and then my other uncle Phumlani and then my aunty Sheron Shezi. My mother went to Endongeni Primary School then went to Menzi High School. The second born from my mother’s side has four children then the third born has four children then the last born has six children. My mother has three children, the 1st born is my brother Sandile Shange, then the 2nd born is my sister Senamile Shange then me Lindani Shange. She married my dad at the age of 25. In the year of 1985 when my brother was born.

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