Inanda Newtown A

In the late 1970’s, where Inanda Newtown A is located today, used to be a sugar cane plantation. Ematendeni (tents) was the name given to the place after communities were given tents for shelter by G.G. Company in 1980. For some families those tents were not big enough so they decided to build their own shacks as their shelter. G.G. (Municipality) came up with an idea of building four-room houses for families with the assistance of the Urban Foundation; but only for those people who could afford to pay for these houses.  

Political Conflicts
In 1984, a war ensued between Mr. Nyameni, who was a leader of Xhosa people, and Mr. Khuzwayo, who was leading a street committee. This war lasted for two years. In 1987 the political war started between U.D.F and I.F.P. (Inkatha Freedom Party). This war ended in 1990 when these two leaders sat down and talked about the issue and made peace between the two political parties.

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