Human Rights Seminar

The eThekwini Municipality’s Local History Museums will be having a Human Rights Seminar that will take place on Wednesday, 20/03/13, at the Ntuzuma A Hall.

This seminar is a continuation of a similar seminar held last year where issues of mob justice and its effects were put on the spot light. This year’s theme is Mob Justice: ‘Crime Committed, Wrongly Accused, Social Disorder, Human Rights and the Rule of Law’.

In our modern day society, mob justice is associated with the situation where the crowd will attack the victim, accused of any type of criminal activity, and beat him or her to death or cause serious injury.

This year’s Human Rights Seminar will aim to reach out to the communities and be part of the society`s solution while also reinforcing and sensitising human rights as part of a historical occurrence. This will not be a session for pointing fingers or passing judgements on our justice system and law enforcement agencies but rather to propel people to look inwards and find solutions to the problem.

Special attention will be placed on issues such as:

  • Provide a platform for a critical discussion on the subject of human rights with a particular focus on the mob as a case of human rights violation.
  • How to deal with the root causes.
  • Mob mentality.
  • Why people end up doing the things they do.
  • Why people agree to become part of mob killings.
  • Challenges from law enforcement.
  • Rebuild the trust in the system.
  • The consequences or long impact on the victim, perpetrator, the family, the community and the society at large. (Social Impact)
  • Provide professional guidance to the victims through specialist invited.
  • To raise awareness and provide guidance on how the incidence of mob justice could be stemmed out in communities where it is a potential occurrence or is occurring.
Date: Wednesday, 20/03/2013
Time: 08h30

Venue: Ntuzuma A Hall – Lindelani

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